Acting For Teens

The Power of Momentum: Mornings with Matt

The Power of Momentum: Mornings with Matt Welcome back to another episode of Mornings with Matt, the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast! Today Joey Sweeney is hosting in place of Matt, talking about the Power of Momentum. What is Momentum? Momentum is almost like faith. You can choose to believe in it’s impact or not, but …

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Age is just a number

Age is just a number Welcome back to another mornings with matt podcast. Today the team talks about not being limited by your age. Age is just a number! It’s never too early, or too late, to start following your passion. Matt and the team talk about examples of the youngest people and the oldest …

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Don’t do it because someone is watching

Don’t do it because someone is watching Welcome back to the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast and Mornings with Matt. Today we talk about the lesson, “Don’t do it because someone is watching.” Matt and Joey share the story of his rise in the company and the big lessons he had to learn to get where …

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The Definition of Positivity

The Definition of Positivity Welcome back to another Mornings with Matt podcast, the definition of positivity. Today we have special guest Danielle Parker on to talk about remaining positive and pushing forward no matter what stands in the way. Danielle is an extremely successful high school teacher. She is an extremely positive light in our …

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Keeping Yourself Centered

Keeping Yourself Centered Welcome back to the Divine Roots Podcast, A spiritual journey just for you. Our goal is to be a guide on your walk of faith, and help spark questions that make listeners think. Today we talk about the importance of being centered and present at all times.  

Finding your Character

FINDING YOUR CHARACTER Welcome back to the Mornings With Matt Podcast! Today on the show, we have Arizona teen actress Ariella Aminov. The topic: finding your character.  Our team at the Dearing Acting Studio is often asked about what steps we take to dive into new characters. We coach a lot on this in our …

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Stop Lying to Yourself

Ground Yourself in your Life and Your Characters Dearing Acting Studio director Matt Dearing and Arizona actress and model Connor Malone talk about adapting a new routine through the COVID crisis and how to keep a positive mindset. In this episode of ‘Mornings with Matt’, it’s time to face a hard truth: You have to stop lying to …

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Mental Health Stigma

Mental Health Stigma Welcome Back to the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast! Today we’re going deep and talking about the mental health stigma. We are not professionals in this field, however our goal is to spread light driven content to the world. In our society, mental health is something many people struggle to talk openly about. That’s …

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Horsing Around: An Improv Podcast

Horsing Around: An Improv Podcast Today on the improv podcast we are just “horsing around”. Literally! Jason Jackson joins Matthew Dearing and Joey Sweeney in an improvised play, “Horsing Around”. We’re not sure exactly what is going on around here since the last few improv shows have involved actors playing animals. Perhaps there’s a full …

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Finding Your Voice: Self Acceptance

Finding Your Voice On this episode Matt talks with Arizona Actress Amanda Prisca about Finding Your Voice! In a society where opinions and judgements weigh heavily, he speaks on unlocking inner confidence and self awareness. Amanda has been a student since January of 2018 and she has come so far! Not only has she become …

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