The Power of Momentum: Mornings with Matt

The Power of Momentum: Mornings with Matt

Welcome back to another episode of Mornings with Matt, the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast! Today Joey Sweeney is hosting in place of Matt, talking about the Power of Momentum.

What is Momentum?

Momentum is almost like faith. You can choose to believe in it’s impact or not, but either way it is present. In life you can have positive momentum OR negative momentum. Like most things, it goes both ways. Positive momentum sets you on a path to continue achieving your future goals. Negative momentum starts with a “stalling out” period that leaves you at a stand still. Over time you start to regress backwards until you shift back into progression. The true key is to say aware that your life is a pendulum. At any moment you can shift backwards or forwards depending on the choices you are making.

Our Values

Our values are Passion, Love, Mastery and we believe in not just making better actors, but better people! Mornings with Matt is a morning motivation talk show that was created at the beginning of the pandemic to help people continue to stay positive and focus on growth.

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