Acting Classes


Acting programs for Adults, Teen and Kids. Beginners are welcome and advanced actors will be challenged.

Adult acting class

Adult Acting Classes

Acting program includes:

Improvisation, script and scene study masterclass available for adults at our studio in Phoenix, Arizona. Appropriate for beginners and advanced actors too!

Teen Acting Class

Teen Acting Classes

Teen acting program includes:

Improvisation and script acting classes for teens ages 11 to 16. Build your teen’s confidence and hone their acting skills alongside peers.

Kid Acting Class

Kid Acting Classes

Kid acting program includes:

Improvisation and script acting for kids. These courses are for youths ages 5 to 10.

Why Take Script and Improv?

Why take both classes? Think of your favorite actors in movies or TV, they are able to deliver scripted lines that look, sound and feel spontaneous or improvised. And we believe the highest quality improv performers look sound and feel as if they had memorized and rehearsed a great script.

Why in its simplest form: Good scripted acting looks, sounds and feels like Improv and good Improv looks, sounds and feels like scripted material.