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Workshops, group intensives, private sessions.

Elite performers within any discipline are focused on one thing: getting better.

We can help with that.


Wait, isn’t this an acting school? No offense, but what does acting have to do with business?


No offense taken. Our approach is innovative.


Let’s go ahead and break it down real quick.

“Performance” is simply the execution or accomplishment of an action, task, or feat. Therefore, everyone is a “performer” who has been “performing” their whole life. Many professions even use similar, if not the exact term, to describe the “action part” of their job. A surgeon “performs” surgery, a realtor “shows” a house, an executive “presents” to the board room and so on. Through over a decade of research and experiencing thousands of transformational case studies first hand, here’s what we know: The skills required to be great in acting are directly connected with success in business – and life.

I am so thankful for the event this morning. It was one of the most enjoyable professional events that I have attended in my career. The format, the a-ha moments, it was all just a blast.

Keli Greenberg, Director Of HR, Desert Mountain Country Club

BRILLIANT!!! More of this!

Sales Rep, Apex Fun Run

So magical, you all just create movement over there - still got chills.

Kat Sutton, Marketing Manager, Power Crunch

I wanted to say thank you for all that you taught me. The event was a raving success and in large part, as I was told, was because of my speech! I took my deep breaths, connected with the audience and they even laughed and clapped throughout. I was so overwhelmed with joy receiving texts and people coming up to me saying how my words inspired them. Once again, thank you.

Ronit Urman, Owner, Urman Enterprises LLC / Past President - NAWBO

From the depths of my heart, you have my gratitude for polishing this very rough stone to a beautiful shine.

Dr. Andrew Carroll, Board Member , American Academy Of Family Physicians

I can’t even describe in words what these classes have done/ are doing for me personally. I return home energized with positivity after every session. Thank you! The least I can do is spread the word.

Priyadarshini Bose, VP, American Express

traning is an investment

Training is an investment, why should our company work with your team?

We don’t know. Our preparation begins with listening and radical honesty; which coincidentally represent the core of everything we teach

Here’s how the process will go down.

You reach out. We schedule a phone call. On the call, we ask some questions and take a few notes. Once your goals and objectives are understood, we’ll offer some advice before hanging up. If at that point we aren’t BOTH convinced that connecting mastery level actor training to your business will 10x your team – no hard feelings – we’ll wish you the best, part ways and pay for dessert. (not really, I mean we would I guess but it would truly be awkward if you asked) 

Still trying to decide if this all makes sense? Let’s make it easy.

We guarantee you’ll love our program or we’ll give your money back – though, radical honesty, we have no proof since we’ve never actually (in over a decade) had to do that.


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Acting and life are perfect parallels. Which is why we have trained keynote speakers, pageant girls, politicians, sales teams, CEO’s, law enforcement, leadership teams, military, doctors, lawyers, realtors, and well… you get the idea.

We connect personal development with mastery level training in the art of acting, because quite frankly, it works.

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