Our Team

The team at Dearing Acting Studio strives to live every day by our values.

We act with passion. We center everything in love. We progress through pursuing mastery.

The Guardians

Nimble and decisive leadership team tasked with ensuring every choice made is in alignment with our mission, vision and values.

Matthew Dearing

President & Chief Listening Officer

Author, speaker and professional development coach to elite performers, executives, and anyone aspiring toward greatness. Founder of Dearing Entertainment LLC, Dearing Acting Studio, PHX Casting, and Chaos Comedy Improv.

Leeann Dearing


Actress, entrepreneur and proud homeschool mom. Co-founder of the mom-centric performance and viral video company Leeann & Michelle.

Brian Sweeney

Chief Operating Officer

Actor, speaker and professional development coach. Founding member of Dearing Acting Studio, President and founder of Lighthouse Theater and performance director for PHX Casting and Chaos Comedy Improvisation.

Studio Crew

Behind the scenes team dedicated to personal growth and committed to creating a safe and inspiring studio environment.

Daniel Navabi

Han Servais

Jenni Solderg

Amber Schwartz

Rachel Primrose

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