Matthew Dearing

Pro football great Kurt Warner. World Renowned Comedian Frank Caliendo. A-List Actress Sofia Wylie. Billionaire CEO Tomas Gorney.

What do all of these people have in common? They’ve all taken their personal and professional lives to the next level through the training and influence of Matthew Dearing.

Elite people who succeed at whatever they do in life–whether it’s competing at the highest level, having a successful acting career, or developing a fortune 500 corporation –have one thing in common: They know how to focus on performance.

Everything we do involves “performance.” This is why Matthew’s acting and business classes have helped thousands of people reach their goals by mastering their lives through the craft of acting.

From Pre-Med Student to Successful Actor

Matthew Dearing developed his “Mastery Mindset” blueprint for success when he suddenly found himself facing a monumental career shift in college.

Matthew was just a semester away from Med School when an Organic Chemistry extra credit assignment in 2002 would alter the path of his life forever.

Matthew chose to complete the assignment by starring in a video he created with his classmates. Though the project bore little weight on the medical degree he was pursuing, Matthew couldn’t help obsessing over every detail..

The goal? To make his instructor laugh. It worked. Matthew aced the inconsequential 5-point-value assignment, however rather than celebrating, he suddenly found himself standing at a crossroads.

Matthew prayed for weeks, weighing the risks of abandoning his future medical career for a new dream of pursuing a career in the acting industry and finally made a decision. He wanted to work in the acting and film-making industry.

Matthew promised himself to pour the same energy and work ethic he had established through his Pre-Med studies to new endeavors. This is the “Mastery Mindset” attitude Matthew still teaches to this day. He graduated Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in photography before setting his sights full time on the craft of acting.

Today, Matthew has hundreds of paid acting, directing, producing and writing roles under his belt and now teaches already-successful people from every industry how to take their careers and their personal lives to the next level.

Launching the Dearing Acting Studio

In 2007, Matthew his wife Leeann (they met when Matthew was directing a play and cast Leeann in the lead female role) and his cousin Brian Sweeney took a leap of faith and opened Dearing Acting Studio. 

The Dearing Acting Studio team strives for Mastery on every level, gleaning wisdom from the absolute best training opportunities from around the world and bringing back their knowledge to the state of Arizona.

The team holds private acting lessons and Masterclasses for kids, teens and adults. Taking it one step further, the team hosts an annual summer camp where kids work together to make a film.

Matthew believes what Shakespeare so eloquently wrote, “All the world’s a stage, and the men and women merely players”, and everyone, actor or not, has a great performer inside of them. His mission is to help others learn techniques for developing a Mastery Mindset so that they can succeed in whatever they do.

More of Matthew’s Mastery Mindset Successes

Parallel to the acting studio, Matthew leads Phoenix Casting, a Phoenix based casting company and Lighthouse Theater, an entertainment non-profit.

In 2019, Matthew published his first book “Acting is My Day Job” In this book, Matthew shows how anyone can become a successful actor if they know the right steps to take.

Matthew plays many roles but his favorites are husband to Leeann and father to their four kids, Jack, Rosalyn, Finn and Beau.


Acting Is My Day Job