Looks like you’re thinking of taking some private acting lessons. That’s great! Below you will find information about what to expect. 

Should I sign up for a private acting lessons?

  • ACTOR SUCCESS – Private lessons for On-Set Movie Training, TV, Theater and Professional Speaking are essential for next level success in acting and performance.
  • GROUP ACTING CLASSES  – It’s recommended that students join a group class for consistent training. Group classes allow for stage time, community, and the chance to learn while watching others.
  • ADD ON TRAINING – When possible it’s best to add on private lessons for extra training or to help with auditions and gigs. Private lessons then act as the perfect supplement to help performers double down on their learning.
  • GET AN ACTING COACH – The Dearing Acting Studio acting coaches are ready to help take your craft and passion to the next level.

*Note: Acting students may also request a specific teacher.

What should I expect from an private lesson?

  1. It doesn’t matter if your private lessons are for commercial auditions, movie auditions or to help you get into the college of your dreams. Expect to be challenged, work hard and get better.
  2. Expect to be prepared for your private lesson. This means doing your memorization and other assigned homework each week.
  3. Finally, understand that making progress is fun. Progression in anything adds to our happiness. So you can expect grow during each private lesson while also being a lot of fun.

Elite Acting Coach and Personal Development Training

    Self -Taping / Audition Submission sessions

      $60.00- 30 min Self Tape only - Includes: Self-tape audio and recording equipment$99.00- 30 min Self Tape with Coaching - Includes: Self-tape audio and recording equipment.Private direction given by elite instructor.Export and sending of tapes/files.

      *NOTE – “No Call, No Show” appointment or late arrival will be charged with no refunds. Students will be charged upon booking appointment. Once your order has been received, a member of the Dearing team will reach out and schedule your session(s).

      For information on Matthew Dearing’s executive coaching, click Here