Unleash your inner hero with teen acting classes

Develop your skills, build confidence, and discover the power of your imagination.

Why Take Teen Acting Classes?

We all know that the teenage years are a time of self-discovery, growth, and exploration, and what better way to navigate this period than by enrolling in teen acting classes alongside peers? Acting classes provide a unique and engaging platform for adolescents to develop crucial life skills.

Dearing Acting Studio teen acting classes not only foster creativity and self-expression but also nurture a sense of belonging, teamwork, and personal growth. Our classes help teens flourish in both their personal and artistic lives.

Dearing Studio’s Acting Classes for Teenagers

girl warming up her voice before acting class
Bundle and Save 20%

Join Teen Script AND Improv to Elevate Your Experience

Think of your favorite actors in movies or TV, they are able to deliver scripted lines that look, sound and feel spontaneous or improvised. And we believe the highest quality improv performers look sound and feel as if they had memorized and rehearsed a great script.

Why take both in its simplest form:

Good scripted acting looks, sounds and feels like Improv

Good Improv looks, sounds and feels like scripted material

Add both classes to the cart and save $80/month!

Add Both to Cart to Save 20%

What Is The Dearing Difference?

Develop your skills, build confidence, and discover the power of your imagination.

Our process is designed to enhance critical life skills that encourage teen actors to think, feel, laugh and leave every class inspired.

Teens will immediately feel welcome and respected in this progressional group course with a focus on individual growth.

Our approach to is all about listening and truthfully reacting to what is happening in the room. You will learn to become the best listener in the room!

Unique Community

Explore your creativity with our unique and inclusive community where everyone is welcome, and there’s no social hierarchy. Our experienced instructors provide expert guidance, and our supportive community of students offers encouragement, inspiration, and friendship. Join us and discover the joy and fulfillment of acting in a level playing field where everyone has the opportunity to shine.

Celebrate Growth

Be Seen

React Truthfully

Join The Acting Community

Meet The Head Of Our Teen Program

Brian Sweeney

Chief Fun Officer

Brian Sweeney, the epitome of a seasoned acting instructor, stands as a pillar of support and guidance for his students. With a wealth of experience in the world of theater and film, he effortlessly translates his knowledge into dynamic and engaging lessons that captivate aspiring actors.

Brian’s availability and commitment to his students’ growth are unwavering, ensuring they have the guidance they need to excel in their craft.

Under Brian Sweeney’s guidance, students not only become proficient actors but also discover a mentor who listens, inspires, and empowers them to shine on stage and screen.

Watch A Class In Action

What Our Teen Actors Have To Say!

Dearing has not only helped me grow as an actress, but has let me create good friendships and life skills during classes.

I’ve been with Dearing since I was 5 and it’s an experience that I’m so grateful for.

Matt and Brian are amazing coach and great family friends. If it weren’t for them I would not be where I am today!

Sophia Ferguson 

Teen Actress

“Thank you Matt for being there to give me guidance and opening my eyes to how much more I can learn to be a better actress.”

Sofia Wylie

Professional Actress

“The Classes at Dearing Acting Studio have taught me so much about not only acting, but how to better myself and obtain more confidence. The environment is very friendly and encouraging.”

Dylan Lawellin

Teen Actor

“Matt and Brian are very invested in making sure we are at our full potential. I’ve also made great friends that very supportive and fun!”

Alisa Gordon

Teen Actor

“Dearing Acting Studio has helped me not only grow as an actor, but also as a person. I’ve learned how to be even more confident in all that I do, as well as, how to lean into any new obstacle that is thrown my way.”

Taylor Szymoniak

Teen Actor

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