Brian Sweeney

Pro football great Kurt Warner. World Renowned Comedian Frank Caliendo. A-List Actress Sofia Wylie. Billionaire CEO Tomas Gorney.

What do all of these people have in common? They’ve all taken their personal and professional lives to the next level through the training and influence of Matthew Dearing.

Elite people who succeed at whatever they do in life–whether it’s competing at the highest level, having a successful acting career, or developing a fortune 500 corporation –have one thing in common: They know how to focus on performance.

Everything we do involves “performance.” This is why Matthew’s acting and business classes have helped thousands of people reach their goals by mastering their lives through the craft of acting.

From Pre-Med Student to Successful Actor

Matthew Dearing developed his “Mastery Mindset” blueprint for success when he suddenly found himself facing a monumental career shift in college.