Acting For Teens

Actor With Eyebrows – 7 Bad Habits of a Beginner Actor

Did you see the actor with eyebrows all over the place? I’m not talking about bushy brows, now so mistake this for a Robert Pattinson thing. I’m talking about nervously trying too hard all over your face. Actors, this is something you don’t want to hear this type of feedback when walking out of the …

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The Importance of Cold Reads Training

Mastering cold reads is essential to auditioning, especially in this commercial market. Taking classes that focus on cold reads will provide you with the tools you need to deliver a great first impression every time. Practicing at home keeps you sharp and prepared for last-minute auditions. When you are handed a script, you might have five to ten minutes (if you …

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Ambition: “I Want This More Than Anyone”

“I want this more than anyone.” More than half of the contestants on reality TV show competitions utter these words—or a variation thereof—on camera. It can’t be true for everyone. And really, it doesn’t need to be true at all. If you dream of being a successful, working actor, you simply need to want it enough to work your hardest …

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But Improv Is Scary…!

Oh, improvisers! Those rascals are out of their minds! They’ve achieved some unattainable and enviable level of confidence. Maybe they’re just better actors than I am. Improv is crazy and weird anyway… So what is your excuse for avoiding doing some improvisation training? Whatever it is, it cannot outweigh the benefits of studying this energetic art form. You may fall in love with …

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How Can I Prepare for an Improv Audition?

Let’s break down the Improv Audition shall we? We get asked questions about acting all the time! I’ve been an acting coach for almost two decades now. At the same time I’ve also had the privilege of working as a casting director, so I often get asked about acting techniques and auditions from young actors. The …

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What do I need to do to be actor

What Do I Need To Be An Actor?

Hello actors! Here’s a question we get asked all the time. “What are the tools I need as an actor?” Well, whether you hope to work in commercials, television shows or films, there are a few things you’ll need to get you going. A Headshot- You’ve got to have a set of excellent shots. Keep …

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