Define Your Fear – Mornings with Matt: Season 2: Episode 2

Define your Fear

Welcome back to another episode of Mornings with Matt, the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast Season 2!

Our topic today is, “Define your Fear”. Right now the world is in a blanket of fear. There is a sense of unease among everyone. Matt talked openly about it in our classes last night and elaborated on this episode. This podcast was broken into 4 sections based on our topic.

What is Fear?

SHOW OPEN: Why fear exists and what is God’s role in our lives as we experience fear.

Fear is defined in many ways, and truthfully it can be good or bad. When you get to the core, fear is not an emotion we are meant to live in. Will we all experience fear? Yes. Do we have to let it consume us? No. The important thing is to recognize fear for what it is, and then ask for help.

Define how you react to Fear?

Section 1: Honest assessment of how each of us personally reacts in the face of fear.

Every single one of us is wired differently. Since this is the case, we all have different reactions to circumstances and emotions. What we ask our listeners to do is to take a deep look inward. What do I do when a deep sense of fear sneaks in? For some of us it’s sweating, some of us talk to much, some not enough etc. Once you define what your reaction is, you can identify and overcome the feeling quicker.

Counteracting Fear

Section 2: Allowing ourselves to experience life and experiment with fear for the sake of exponential growth.

Okay so now you understand how you react when fear sinks in. Good! The next step is being aware and allowing yourself to feel. Analyze the situation. What is good about this? A helpful hint is that when it’s something in your control, 99% of the time its good. If it’s something you can’t control, then it has the opposite effect. What you do when you’re fearful of a situation you have no control over is to pray for guidance. Whether you’re a believer or not speaking into the universe and asking for peace and a solution will usually ease your mind.


Fear in Acting

Section 3: Acting lessons on fear and exercises we use to overcome anxiety instantly.

Matt talks about one of the comments we received from one of our students live. She said, “When i’m fearful I get in my head”. The point he made was that as an actor, the most selfish thing you can do when walking onto a stage is to hold yourself back. The people in the room want to see you. The most real version of yourself is whats unique and beautiful. If you are in your head, it most likely comes from self judgement, which is again a negative response.

Our Values

Our values are Passion, Love, Mastery and we believe in not just making better actors, but better people! Mornings with Matt is a morning motivation talk show that was created at the beginning of the pandemic to help people continue to stay positive and focus on growth. It’s become so much more, and we’re blessed to spread light driven content to the planet! Watch the full episode video here.