WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS: Mornings with Matt: SEASON 2 LAUNCH 2021

What are your Goals? Mornings with Matt: SEASON 2 LAUNCH 2021

Hello Everyone, thanks for joining us for the season two launch of “Mornings with Matt” the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast! We’ve been planning and anticipating the release of our new format and we’re SO EXCITED to be back!!! Today we are going to talk about what your goals are headed into the new year. We will break down how to make sustainable goals in all areas of your life.


In this episode, Matt shares his process when creating strong goals that will last. His biggest takeaway is a commitment to self to continue creating and refining your goals. Make sure that every goal is thought out and extremely specific, leaving no grey area. After that, the key is to start BIG! I’ll list out the process for you below:

  1. Think about a dream goal that seems impossible now, but you can shoot for in a perfect world 5 years from now.
  2. From there, work backwards. “If that’s true, where do I need to be in 3 years to get there”?
  3. After that “What do I need to do in years 1-3 to be on track”?
  4. Then ask yourself “How do I set myself up to push towards this goal this year”.
  5. Finally going to “What do I need to do TODAY and every day after to continue momentum in that direction”.


The first half of today we went deep into the importance of faith. We were blessed to have Brian Sweeney back from the hospital. Brian was very open with our listeners on the trials he’s faced recently. It’s stated many times in the bible that we will face trials and tribulations in our lifetime. We understand that many people during this time are facing hardships. Because of this, we believe it’s important to speak on that truth.

There are times where we want to give up. Times where we question “why” things happen to us. Times when we don’t know what to believe anymore.

There is hope on the other side of this though. Lessons that we can learn individually, and ways we can lift each other up. We believe if you are called to the studio, there is a reason! We’re a rare group of people who are united under one goal. To love each other and get better every day.

The “WHY”

Our hope is to leave you informed and inspired, ready to challenge yourself at the highest level walking into the year. Thanks for tuning in, we look forward to an awesome launch of the Morning show 2021. Our values are Passion, Love, Mastery and we believe in not just making better actors, but better people! Mornings with Matt is a morning motivation talk show that was created at the beginning of the pandemic to help people continue to stay positive and focus on growth.