Matt Dearing

Episode 8: (Letting Go of Pride)

Dearing Acting Studio, based in Phoenix Arizona, is a performance school focused on connecting personal development with the art of acting. Our clients are motivated, next level human beings in the persuit of mastery. Become a great actor in your own personal movie called “life”.

Episode 7: (Fighting for Truth)

In this episode Matt and Joey go over the crazy trials they’ve been through in the last month. They talk about learning to fight the negativity quickly, assuming the best in everyone, and taking full responsibility for your actions. This frees you up on stage and in your life.


FRANK CALIENDO PODCAST WITH DEARING ACTING STUDIO In this episode, Frank Caliendo Podcast we talk about acting classes and Improv with special guest actor and comedian, Frank Caliendo. Frank has the whole team laughing hysterically as he ventures in and out of his world famous impressions.   CONNECTION TO THE STUDIO aka How did you …

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Episode 6: (Intern Episode & College Plan)

In this episode, Shea is subbing for Matt as the host. We have two special student guests Phoebe & Bebe to talk about what they’ve learned from our program, from interning over the summer, and their plans for college.

Episode 5: (Nail Your Audition)

In this episode we talk about personal development and growth. We go over strategies to combat fear and nerves in a good way, Nail your auditions, and Memorize in a professional manner.

Episode 4: (Mastery Mindset)

Mastery Mindset Actor Definition:  Progress is the key to happiness. To be successful in life and in acting we must develop a mastery mindset. What is a mastery mindset? Simple. The commitment to become one percent better at your craft each and every day.   PODCAST – Mastery Mindset Actor and Valleywood Movie Camp Mastery …

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Your First Acting Class

Taking your first acting class is scary… but is the fear real? There’s something inside you that wants to see if you have what it takes to be an actor. Maybe you want this to be a career, a new hobby or just make a checkmark on the old bucket list. Either way, you’re about …

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Improv Classes Phoenix – “Improvise – like a playwright”

There’s no better way to break through fear than jumping on stage without a script. Today on the actors blog we’re going to discuss improv classes in Phoenix and what we consider to be the most difficult and rewarding improvisation technique out there. IMPROVE SCRIPTED WORK THROUGH IMPROV Here’s a free actor tip from the Dearing …

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The Actor’s Purpose

This is what it takes to have a “meaningful” career in acting – Ready?   Define your purpose in all you do by the following criteria: Growth, Discovery and Mastery 1) Growth “When you stop growing you start dying” – William S. Burroughs. We actors have to eat, pay bills and live our lives- so we do …

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