In this episode, Frank Caliendo Podcast we talk about acting classes and Improv with special guest actor and comedian, Frank Caliendo. Frank has the whole team laughing hysterically as he ventures in and out of his world famous impressions.


CONNECTION TO THE STUDIO aka How did you get a Frank Caliendo Podcast?

Frank Caliendo has been a student with Dearing Acting Studio for many years. He was first introduced to Matthew Dearing by a mutual acquaintance and the two hit it off immediately. Originally Frank was looking for help with his latest sitcom pilot but soon after the first lesson he became hooked. The worked on moving the famous comedian into the next generation of comedy. Since that day Matthew often travels with Frank to help with on set coaching. He has written and directed many of Frank’s most popular sketches including the #iftrumpwere series.


The Frank Caliendo podcast was amazing. However that’s not the only project Frank has been a part of here at the studio. The most popular sketch the two have done together is #damndonald which took the internet by storm amassing over 10 million views on Facebook. That sketch is a parody of the original damn daniel viral video. In the video Frank Caliendo does his incredible Donald Trump impression and Matthew Dearing acts as both the cameraman and voice behind the camera.

You can watch the full video on Youtube at Dearing Acting Studio.