Episode 4: (Mastery Mindset)

Mastery Mindset Actor Definition: 

Progress is the key to happiness. To be successful in life and in acting we must develop a mastery mindset. What is a mastery mindset? Simple. The commitment to become one percent better at your craft each and every day.


PODCAST – Mastery Mindset Actor and Valleywood Movie Camp

Mastery Mindset Actor Focus

In this episode we explore what it means to be in a state of mastery. It’s something we personally strive for every day and fully believe is the core element to life long joy.

Valleywood Movie Camp – The Grind

The studio team also reflects back on our week long valleywood movie camp. This camp every year stretches our team in new ways and though it feels painful during the process, we always leave feeling grateful. In this way we are able to transmute negative thoughts into empowering affirmations. This concept is a fundamental principle to a lasting career in the film industry.

If you are an actor or looking to improve your performance in any area of life this podcast is for you. Understand however that mastery mindset actor focus comes with a price tag attached. Those who dare to venture down this path must be willing to sacrifice now to live an extraordinary life later.