Reading the Subtext

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Reading the Subtext


Dive deep into what can be one of the hardest parts of being an actor, finding and using the writers subtext. In this special online course you will see firsthand how a scene can be transformed by using the subtext correctly. The coaching that Matthew Dearing gives for this scene from our Masterclass Scene Study Intensive, will show you the immense impact subtext can have, and will give you strategies to find and use the subtext in your own scenes!


What is subtext? Why is it so important to a scene? Essentially, you as the actor must combine the context of the scene and apply what the character really means under the line. Attached HERE is a great article explaining the meaning of subtext. Finding subtext may seem intimidating, but not when you arm yourself with all of the facts about the character and their current state. You can also connect their physicality- check out this online course on movement in scenes. After that work, you will be able to dig deeper and find the line within the line.

That being said, remember that the writer wrote the line for a reason. So, it is your job to discover the character’s true feelings and expose them using the lines of dialogue you have.


Trust us, the writer wants you to uncover the reality of the scene. When you learn to find the subtext in scenes, you are opening yourself up to a realm of new discoveries. Not only will this work allow you to form a deeper connection with your character, but improve your sense of understanding. Part of why this “truth unveiling” is important is because we owe it to our characters to live their truths for them. To make choices and live out actions that expose their purpose and point of view.

We hope you enjoy this course! Feel free to check out our other online course offerings. Happy studying!





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