Movement & Emotion in your Scenes

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Movement & Emotion in your Scenes


Why is movement on stage in a scene so hard? Well for starters, you never want to repeat your movements, and everything should come organically from the moment! In this awesome online course with scenes from our Masterclass Scene Study Intensive, you’ll see just how much of a difference movement makes in a scene. You will also get some amazing tips on how to start making movement easier and more organic in your own scenes!


Movement in scenes is extremely important but can sometimes be stagnant on stage during a performance. We as actors can focus too much on our dialogue and we use the wrong gestures without any reason behind it. So, how do we fix that? Matt Dearing explains that movement itself is a line of dialogue. Let’s try an exercise. For example, imagine you are speaking the line, “I told him to call me yesterday!”. There is a WORLD of possible gestures you could pair with that line of dialogue, even each word, if you wanted to! We start with breaking down the script, as taught in the Living in the Scene course. How does this character move physically? Additionally, what body language could you apply to this character to give them more life?


At times, our physical body freezes up when we feel like we have no where to go. So, here’s a tip you will discover in depth within the course. Stay loose and stay moving! If your intention is to go, go. If you have the urge to grab a chair and sit down, do it. But, here is where the harder work comes in. You now have the responsibility as the character to ground yourself in connection with your words and move with purpose. Subsequently, you must think about why you are moving and how it affects the characters and decisions made around you on stage.

Finally, we hope you enjoy this course! Happy studying.




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