Episode 6: (Intern Episode & College Plan)

In this episode, Shea is subbing for Matt as the host. We have two special student guests Phoebe & Bebe to talk about what they’ve learned from our program, from interning over the summer, and their plans for college.

Episode 5: (Nail Your Audition)

In this episode we talk about personal development and growth. We go over strategies to combat fear and nerves in a good way, Nail your auditions, and Memorize in a professional manner.

Episode 4: (Mastery Mindset)

Mastery Mindset Actor Definition:  Progress is the key to happiness. To be successful in life and in acting we must develop a mastery mindset. What is a mastery mindset? Simple. The commitment to become one percent better at your craft each and every day.   PODCAST – Mastery Mindset Actor and Valleywood Movie Camp Mastery …

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