The Power of Focus

Power of Focus: Protect your time and get in the zone

The Power of Focus is becoming a superpower. In this episode Matthew Dearing and Joey Sweeney of Dearing Acting Studio talk about the power of protecting your time and zoning in to one thing at a time. Matthew Dearing explains these concepts in detail through his book Acting Is My Day Job: Seven Strategies to Market and Make Money as an Actor. In the book we give specific directions on how to organize your life, track your time and most importantly focus on what’s important. 

Celebrate the wins in life

Matt and Joey also talk about funny moments that have helped to shape who they are today. We teach people in our acting classes and professional development courses to celebrate the wins in life. Of course you should be striving to go next level in everything you do but it’s also essential to celebrate the small wins along the way. The key is to celebrate where you are, learn from past mistakes and then find ways to grow.  

Focus on the good and good things happen

This simple concept will quite literally change your life. The truth is that what you focus on will become your reality. So do yourself a favor and focus on the good no matter what the circumstance and good things will tend to follow. There are always opportunities to become better and stronger no matter where you are on your journey. A great example of this idea can be found on the Dearing Acting Studio Stories page. Here we discuss how training has impacted our student’s lives outside of acting. These stories are all very inspiring and show amazing people from all walks of life finding a way to celebrate where they are while remaining focused on getting better.

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