What to Wear to Auditions

In this episode, Matt talks about how to make choosing what you wear to an audition, easier and more effective.

Ding! You get that audition notice in your email box. You get really excited and then you think to yourself “Oh what do I wear to my audition” well, that’s a great question and I’ve got a few tips for you.


Rule number one is wear something that you feel confident in. If you feel like you look good it’s gonna translate through your eyes to the camera or auditioner. That right away is gonna give you a head start over everybody else.


In other words if you were gonna let’s say audition for the role of a police officer, wear a pair of black pants you already have, wear a black shirt and show up. You don’t want to go out and buy an actual cop outfit and think that that’s gonna help you get the job because it really is not


They’re going after a certain feel so, you’re going to try to figure out what is the feel of the commercial.

I’ve got a quick little funny story for you…. my wife’s going to love this.

So, my wife is auditioning for a GoDaddy role and she comes to me and she says, “Hey babe, what do you think of this outfit for my audition?”

Well, I made the mistake of answering like an acting coach and not like a husband.

So I said “honey, it’s not sexy enough” and she answers “what’s not sexy enough?” She thought I was calling her not sexy. Then, I said “no no that’s not the thing honey, if you want a husband answer you have to ask me to answer as a husband, but if you want my true opinion as an acting coach then I’m going to give it to you and this is not sexy enough for this role because of what they’re going after.” So after a little bit of fighting back and forth, she changed, put on a short skirt, came back and said, “what do you think? I said, “wow perfect for the role.”

She went, she auditioned and she got the role.

To wrap this up, number one- you want to wear something that you feel confident in. Number two- you want to hint at the character, but don’t go overboard. Number three- deliver what they want, the feeling of what they are trying to sell to their audience. If you can hit those three things, you’re going to feel really good going into your auditions.

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