Transmuting Fear

Transmuting Fear

Welcome back to the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast! In this episode Matt and Joey talk about FEAR. With the world in a state of panic over the coronavirus, we sunk right into the topic of how we can transmute fear into positivity. Matt is a personal development coach, and has done extensive research on what fear is and why it is so deeply present in our world. He believes that there are good fears and bad fears. A good fear is something that prevents you from making big mistakes. A bad fear is a fear that prevents you from trying something new. Bad fears are where we need to learn to transmute fear into positivity.


Hard work pays off

Joey spends time on the mic reviewing the past couple of days for himself. We had 4 podcasts to record today, one of which started at 6:00am. He didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 the night before and still made it in at 4:00am to set up. This was our last podcast of the day; and we were challenging ourselves to figure out the new live stream technology and go live on facebook for the episode. Long story short it took about two and a half hours to figure out how to get a strong wifi connection and manage a back link to facebook. As you can imagine he was exhausted, but he pushed through and couldn’t express enough how great he was feeling. 


Finish Strong

Matt always reminds our guardian team to “finish strong.” It’s a concept we have all bought into and that is the idea that it isn’t about how you start something, it’s about how you finish. If you haven’t met Matt before, he’s one of the most loving and straightforward people you will ever come to know. All he expects from us is our very best from start to finish, on whatever project we are tackling that day. He expects us to fail, but only asks that we learn and grow from our failures. Working in this environment has completely changed my life, and it’s something I believe we can all learn from.