Staying on Track and Investing in Yourself

Counteracting Fear & Doubt

Welcome to Mornings With Matt. Comment with your passion and get advice from Matt on how to make your dream a reality. On this episode, Matt talks with aspiring actress and student, Brianna Fogelson. The discuss action plans and how setting up your day for success all begins the night before. Being able to activate your intentions before you get to work (“work” meaning any activity you plan to do) will automatically set you up for a positive mindset. They also chat about living up to your own self worth and what it means to 10x your value as you grow consistently.

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We Believe……

— Dearing training works; for actors, celebrities, CEO’s, moms & dads, kids, teens, doctors, engineers and everyone in between. We believe this because the same core principles that go into being great on stage or film apply directly to leadership, sales, communication and life itself. As a result, listening is at the core of every training, every session, every time.

Listening is the key to being authentic as an actor and in life. So, the only guaranteed path to success is the one you pave for yourself. For this reason, we simply provide guidance in exposing personal weaknesses and then help you navigate through them. This means, no cookie cutter classes, no gimmicks, no excuses. As a result, you will learn, practice and repeat specific techniques proven to enhance performance and confidence in any profession. Subsequently, programs and lessons are designed to get you on your feet. Less talking, more doing.

Above all, there are no shortcuts; the secret to leveling up in life is a commitment to 1% improvement every day. Most importantly, master your craft, master your life and never stop improving.