Self Expression

Self Expression

Welcome to another Mornings with Matt podcast! Today we talk about self expression with improv student and marketing expert Jason Boehle as our guest!

Matt gives advice about branching yourself out of your comfort zone. The only way to open yourself up to your true potential, is through conquering your fear.


Get Out There

Funny enough this is a chapter in our book, “Acting is My Day Job.” You can’t expect to make any progress by playing it safe, in fact the key to success is the complete opposite.

Take risks, be Bold, tell the voice of doubt inside your head to quiet down and just MAKE THE JUMP!


It’s Never Too Late

One of the biggest lies people tell themselves is that it’s “too late.” When we hear this it breaks our hearts because it couldn’t be farther from the truth! There is no age limit to pursue a dream.

Take a look at this amazing testimony from one of our students who fought her way out of that limiting mindset.

Vicki is one of many who have walked into this building and been forever changed. If you’re feeling called, take a leap of faith and see what you can learn!