Saya Luke


Saya Luke

Saya Luke became apart of the Dearing family in May of 2017 when her Mom suggested she try an acting class. She was hesitant at first but found her pathway as she dived into script training. As a homeschooled teen, she was looking for a new challenge. Throughout the last 3 years at Dearing, she has transformed her mindset from performing for herself and aiming for perfection, to lifting up her fellow actors, scene partners and peers.


How has Dearing Studio impacted your personal life?

This place has really helped me put myself in other peoples shoes rather than trying to be “right” all the time….I want to lead by example and show people kindness and love and positively impact those around me.

If you had any advice for someone who is curious about acting, what would you say?

Try it no matter what. If you are scared of it, try it. When I first got here, I immediately felt that “Whoa” feeling like I knew this was what I was supposed to do. If you don’t have that feeling, find it.