Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde

Welcome to the first episode of the Divine Roots Podcast! We are so blessed to be sharing our spiritual knowledge with the world. We are working  on our true potential together and as a listener, you can follow along and question with us. In this episode we go deep into the explanation of Mercury in retrograde, and how it effects us in our daily lives.

About the team

Matt Dearing is the owner of the Dearing Acting Studio and founder of the Lighthouse theater. He has been on a spiritual, personal development journey since the day he woke up, on February 2nd 2018. Paul is a spiritual guide and the host of our podcast. Paul has coached all over the United states, and in fact just got back from coaching in New York. Our producer is Joey Sweeney, and in this episode we have special guests Brian Sweeney and Shea Toepel. The mission of our podcast is to heal our listeners and get them to question and grow along with us.


A big part of going through the retrograde of mercury is keeping a positive perspective. It’s undeniable that retrograde effects each of us based on the science of how it works. As humans we are made up of mostly water and that’s exactly the energy that is being shifted during retrograde. Shea and Matt both opened up about feeling depression during this time and then we talked through how to expect and overcome these feelings in the future. As a general rule of life, almost everything can be analyzed by the perspective you have towards that thing. If you have positive feelings towards something, you will tend to enjoy it, whereas if you look at something negatively it can be harder to tackle and overcome.

Thank you for listening to the Divine Roots podcast!