Work is our Passion

Are you passionate about work? Wouldn’t it be great if you loved going in to work every singe day? In this episode of the actors podcast we discuss what it takes to become passionate about work.



Passionate About Work

The hosts for this podcast are Shea Toepel and Joey Sweeney. Joey and Shea are professional working actors and they discuss how working at Dearing Acting Studio is such a blessing. Like many people out there, Joey and Shea both have a true passion for acting. However they had to let go of some things first in order to realize they were already living their dreams. Each of their unique stories of how they came to the studio are inspiring. In the podcast we hear what the early fearful days were like and how they overcame those fears.

Bringing Passion Into Work Has Changed Our Life

Today, the people Joey and Shea have become are simply unrecognizable. They have changed so much and have attributed their growth in part to the working with their acting coach Matthew Dearing. We are here to tell you that life can be amazing and you don’t have to compromise for anything! Are you curious yet as to what it’s like to be on the Dearing Acting Studio team?  Are you ready to become passionate about work like we are? Because now is the time to act on your dreams. You see, it’s only when we are able to continue growing that we will ever feel passionate about anything. At our acting school we’ve been given the opportunity feel this way while also blessing others with that same gift on their journey.

Love the podcast? Want to try classes?

If you’d like to sign up to start your journey then click here. Work is our passion at Dearing Acting Studio and the connection between acting and personal development we teach has been something that both Shea and Joey believe in and are proud to be a part of! Check out the youtube video from this podcast here.