Pack Your Bags

Pack Your Bags

Welcome back to another episode of the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast! You’re probably thinking, Pack your bags? What do you mean? We can’t go anywhere yet! On todays episode we have a surprise 6ft away visitor who we haven’t seen in a month and a half, SHEA TOEPEL! Crazy right?

In case you don’t know, Shea does not live in our neck of the Valley. In fact, she lives in this seemingly unknown section of the east valley commonly known as….Ahwatukee. We know. We can’t pronounce it either. BUT! She was over on our side of the world and stopped in for a visit….and maybe a fresh espresso :) It’s been about 6 weeks since the entire gang was all together IRL (this is a millennial term- we think -meaning “in real life” that is just way too fun to say.) Anywho, the gentleman set up Shea’s chair exactly 6 feet apart from then (With rope and all- see picture below) and the fun was truly had by all.

A trip to the office is actually a vacation?

Shea and the guys chat about how simple activities like taking a long drive ( like the 40 minute one Shea typically drives to and from the studio everyday ) can feel like a vacation when we are all confined to our own spaces. The team also chats about their close knit relationship and how the energy shifts when the entire team is rowing the boat in the same direction. There is an undeniable fire that is fueled by the constant side-by-side team mentality that we have all had to navigate through this transition into this virtual age.

Dreams Are Weird

The gang gets into a deep conversation about dreams; why we have them and what they actually mean. It is interesting to hear each person speak on their own individualities when it comes to dreaming and how their thoughts affect them. Are our subconscious thoughts taking on life within our minds? Possibly foreshadowing things to come or highlight indirect thoughts and ideas that we haven’t processed while we are awake? (Woah- talk about some deep questions right there).

Crushin’ It

Fun fact! Shea is currently supposed to be in Barcelona enjoying her honeymoon (2 years later). But, Covid 19 had other plans. So the team ends their discussion with a fun story that Shea shares about what her and her hubby plan to do to celebrate the occasion right in the heart of Ahwatukee. Shea also speaks on the reality that the lifestyle change she has created for herself in the past 6 weeks would not have happened if she got on that plane. So instead, she decided she was going to pack her bags everyday to show up for her life, not just vacation.

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