Monologues: Be Remembered

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Monologues: Be Remembered


Welcome to the first installment of our online Script course. In Monologues: Be Remembered, you will work through 5 different sections. Each lesson highlights various different elements of working through a monologue. By utilizing these 5 integral parts of the monologue breakdown process, you will be able to dig deeper into the truth of your piece and bring your performances next level!


  1. Memorize your monologue: It is imperative you learn to memorize the right way. This is helpful in order to make discoveries as your character without repetitively working your piece with unjustified tone, voice inflection and feeling. You can read about the right way to memorize in our blog post HERE.
  2. Connection and Physicality: It is impossible to bring your dialogue to life without finding a grounded connection with your character. You have the ability to inject yourself into your piece by using physicality, body language and feeling.
  3. Thought Life: Additionally, One of the most important elements of a monologue is finding your character’s inner dialogue. Make active choices as to how your characters thoughts affect their dialogue. As a result, you will stabilize your character into truthful and powerful delivery.
  4. Build your Character: This is where true artistry and discovery come into play. So, as the actor, you must activate your storytelling skills to create the atmosphere and environment for which your character lives.
  5. Be direct-able: Yes, this means being willing to throw your backstory away and go back to the drawing board. This will allow for varying ideas to influence and heighten your inspiration. Be willing to change. Welcome the impact of new ideas, directions and objectives for your character.


Monologues are a key part in preparing an actor’s arsenal. So, as you are practicing your pieces, you can set yourself up for success. Additionally, When you follow these guidelines, you see that these steps are useful in preparing each character you work with.

Happy Studying!  You can check out our other online courses here.





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