Build a Successful Acting Career without Moving to LA or NY

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Build a Successful Acting Career without Moving to LA or NY


Begin acting professionally no matter where you live. Learn to build a successful acting career without having to relocate your life to LA or NY. In this course you will learn industry tricks and tips from two well-known actors in Phoenix, Arizona. For example, Matthew and Leeann Dearing consistently make a name for themselves despite the small market of Arizona. This course will set you up with the tools to be a great actor and you just have to be willing to put in the hard work.

Matt and Leeann Dearing both trail-blaze the Arizona Actor’s Market and continue to build a successful acting career by creating necessary pathways that have set them up to be book various acting, commercial, film, theatre and voice-acting work all over Arizona. Check out Matt and Leeann’s IMDB pages in the links!


At Dearing Acting Studio, we cater to students of all ages who want to thrive as actors. These are committed actors who strive to make a name for themselves working on film, commercial or voice-overs here in the valley of the sun! The first question we always get is…. “So…where do I start?”. Great question, simple answer. First of all, jump in an acting class or explore some of our other online courses.  For example, one of the best ways to get involved in the acting community is to double down on sharpening your skills and network with other trained actors in the process!

In conclusion, It’s no secret that the acting industry can be intimidating when you first start out, but, Is it impossible? Absolutely not. So, want to know a few of the secrets?

  1. Commit to training in various areas.
  2. Create your own opportunities. Go after what you want….it won’t wait for you.
  3. Finally, work harder than you think you can.

With all that being said, it’s time to study! So, take out your notebook and pen and get ready to dive in.


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