Old Time Radio Improv Podcast with Jason Jackson

Improv Podcast with Jason Jackson

It was so fun doing the radio improv podcast with long time student and friend Jason Jackson. In this improv podcast instead of talking about improv, we get right into performing it. At Dearing Acting Studio we subscribe to all different forms of improv, however our favorite by far is “The Improvised Play.” You can see an example of a past Boondocks Improv Show done in this format. We execute performing podcast improv “old time radio” style through our podcast microphones. This special format allows viewers to listen and let their imaginations run wild. Matthew Dearing, Joey Sweeney and Jason Jackson use sound effects, character voices and active listening to pull you into a wold of their own design.

A storyline for your imagination

The “old time radio improv podcast” format is a product of innovation during quarantine. During the week of the initial shutdown, we had an improv show and refused to cancel it. Now we had Jason on to practice our improv skills and create some funny content. You’ll hear a Sylvester Stallone impersonation, four crazy characters, and the best part, you imagine them all as we go! Improv is an art form that can benefit us in more ways than we can count. Wether it’s using your voice, thinking on your feet, or just simply a creative outlet, there’s nothing quite like doing improv scenes! If you want to try it out, check out our improv classes here which are now available in person AND virtually!