Nancy Rossman


Nancy Rossman

Nancy Rossman of Scottsdale, Arizona is an actress, business woman, and complete rockstar. After a successful career in commercial real estate, she found a passion for acting and performing. In her interview, Matt and Nancy discuss her journey at Dearing Acting Studio. Nancy was involved in Script, Improvisation, Intensive Masterclass scene study, and continually took private lessons with each coach at Dearing Studio. Nancy was motivated by the unique and fresh approach at the studio and is currently involved in theatre productions around the valley.


What motivates you?

I like to do things that scare me a little bit……there’s something about me that wants to prove that I can do what most people would say I can’t do. And there’s the other part of me that want’s to prove it to myself, and that’s harder… can’t cheat yourself.

What brought you to Dearing Acting Studio?

I heard so many things from students from all ages. I was intimidated because I was the oldest person….but everyone was so nice and I got over that fear.