Mind. Body. Spirit.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

Welcome back to the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast! In this episode we analyze the importance of keeping your mind, body, and spirit aligned in positivity. We’ve got a special guest this week, Jared Mishlove, owner of Altered Athletics operating out of Glory Gains Gym in Scottsdale Arizona. He is on our Chaos Comedy improv troupe and takes both Improv and Script classes. He is a personal trainer and his goal is to help people gain confidence through working out. Jared has been training with us for about six months now, and while he initially came for personal development training, he fell in love with performing through our classes.

Mastery Mindset

One of the biggest struggles people face when going next level in life is learning to re-wire your brain. Matt explains this in his book, “Acting is my Day Job.” Perhaps the biggest lesson in the book is to organize yourself… in EVERY aspect of your life. Stop making excuses, and start grinding because success is not about your surroundings. True success comes from grit, hard work, and a true love for the process. In response, Jared talks about how the same idea directly effects his clients in the gym. His philosophy is to work the fundamentals at a high level consistently in each session and build upon that strong foundation.

Win Your Morning

One of the things we talk a lot about here at our studio is the idea of winning your morning. Matt gets up at 3:30AM every morning and wouldn’t have it any other way! His morning routine allows him to get ahead while the rest of the world is asleep. If you ask him about it, he’ll tell you that the day he woke up was February 2nd, 2018. There are plenty of successful next level human beings who share in this idea such as, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, and Will Smith to list a few. The biggest mis-understanding people have about winning your morning is that it isn’t about one specific time that works for everyone. It’s actually about the discipline of doing what’s hard to make your life easy in the long run. Discipline is one of the biggest factors in leveling up your mind and changing the way you go about life.