Masterclass Intensive

Dearing Acting Studio Podcast

Welcome back to the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast! Today our Guardian team had three loaded topics that we reviewed. Masterclass, Goal Rocks, and Teaching to the Person. Let’s dive in and unpack these topics as we head into March.

Masterclass Intensive Scene Study 

Our Masterclass scene study intensive is one of the highest levels of mastery training offered at the Dearing Studio. Within a four day period, students perform various scenes from award winning plays receive critique by master coach and studio director, Matthew Dearing. Each scene performs twice over the course of the 4 days, with a day in between to rehearse and apply critique from day one. Matt chose to model this intensive after training with the highly coveted acting coach, Larry Moss

Each one of the Guardians team has performed in the Masterclass. We have all had transformative experiences as we have grown as performers and human beings. Each story is unique in the way that our struggles and demons  to light. Although our stories are varying, the outcome was the same for all of us… LIFE CHANGING. We believe in using acting as a vehicle for personal development and this class is a direct representation of that. 

The “Rock” Idea

We revisit our goal “rocks” as Matt explains how the idea originated from Gino Wickman’s book, Traction. Wickman speaks about creating small but big goals that are concrete and attainable to hit quarterly. Of course, Matt being Matt encourages us as a team to take a mini field trip to the “mountain of beauty” as his daughter calls it. :) We all gathered different rocks and assigned them goals. We all connect with having a “physical” elements constantly present and reminding us of the goals we set. 

Teaching the Person

As a team, we typically will de-brief after each class to go over the celebrate the successes, but most importantly, discuss growth points and evaluate where we can grow as high-level coaches. Brian mentioned to us that his transformation happened when he was teaching the student instead of teaching the piece. Every student that walks through our doors is coached from where they are at. This means, their state of mind, their skill level, their work ethic, and of course, their willingness to grow and succeed. 

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