Kids Podcast: (Episode 2 Manifestation)

Kids Acting Podcast (Manifestation)

We’re back with the Kids Acting Podcast! On this episode we have Jack and Rosalyn Dearing back in the studio! With our Kids Acting Podcast, we can highlight the minds of future generations. So, who better to discuss deep topics with than the young minds moving through growth and development? These two youth actors are back on the mic’s with their dad, studio director Matthew Dearing. In conversation, Matt, Jack and Rosalyn speak on overcoming fears, resetting your mindset and trying new things- especially when they scare you!

As a result, through discussion, thoughts and giggles, we get to hear their thoughts on various activities transforming from “have-to’s” into “get-to’s”! Their mission is to inspire other kids who are growing and developing like they are. Now you may be thinking… are learning this stuff?! All of our students (yes, even the little’s!) practice the same fundamentals that are present in personal progression in all aspects of life. For example, listening, connection, goal setting and truth are ubiquitous elements that all people can apply! Subsequently, it is part of our process to teach the principals of asking for growth, instead of fearing it. 

These youth students are speaking from their own experiences. The trio also talk about what it means to manifest dreams and goals for your life. They share how focus, hard work and faith can turn those dreams into a reality. Furthermore, kids are “master manifest-ers” when it comes to dreaming as their imaginations are vastly creative and uninhibited. Jack and Rosalyn share specific examples from their own lives in how they were able speak goals into existence. 

Thank you for joining us for the Kid’s Acting Podcast. We are excited to bring in more of our Dearing youth actors to shed light on their growing experiences. Make sure to tune in next time for more (hilariously honest) content from our very own Dearing Students!