Kids Acting Classes : Build Life Skills

Kids acting classes offer so many life benefits for children, far beyond the realm of performance!

Kids Acting Classes

Listening, honesty, courage…these are the core requirements for great acting, but even more importantly, they are the fundamental life principles we want for our kids.  In this episode Jack and Rosalyn Dearing jump on the mics with their dad Matt Dearing and studio producer Joey Sweeney. They talk about the hardships kids face, peer pressure, mistakes, and bug spray. #LifeWithAFiveYearOld

Build Life Skills

Improvisation offers kids the chance to gain valuable public speaking skills from as young as age five! Children get on stage and begin by learning the power of stillness and focused listening. They learn to feel safe in front of an audience; to bring energy into a room while still remaining relaxed. From there, Dearing Studio instructors help young students tap into the power of their own brilliant imaginations by creating scene work fueled by their creativity, yet grounded in truth. Kids who master these public speaking and improvisation principles at a young age have a distinct advantage later in life.

Kids Acting Classes Create Confidence

There is a misconception that some people are simply born with confidence, while others are not. We know better. Confidence is a skill like any other, that can be built up, rehearsed and strengthened. Improvisation contains this gift, along with myriad others. Young actors learn that even if the scene does not go the way they expect, the outcome can be successful. Even if the joke doesn’t land, we can still find something wonderful next. Even if I feel scared, I can do it anyway. These skills translate to any discipline, any profession, any goal. 

We made this actor’s podcast to help cater the personal development work we do on our regular podcast to our youngest students and the issues that matter the most to them. Also it’s just super cute.