Katherine Delgado


Katherine Delgado

Katherine’s Journey in Acting

Katherine started script acting classes in October of 2019. Immediately she fit in as a part of the Dearing family. She came with her daughter seeking a new adventure, and has found an outlet for herself. While acting is fairly new to her, she hopes to pursue it in the future. She always loved the theater and the movies, but it wasn’t until recently she thought about acting herself. She is a school teacher and a strong, amazing mother of three. In this special testimonial she shares with Matt the impact that the studio has had on her life, and some of the key values that she holds dear. 


One of her biggest values is honesty. She admires when others are straightforward, transparent, and genuine. It bothers her when people say what they think she wants to hear. Matt immediately related to this and connected it to being a teacher. Matt believes in seeking the critique, especially when it hurts. His reasoning is that he believes that it’s the people who love you the most that will give you the radically transparent truth. This is one of the foundational elements of our studio. We tell people that if they want someone to tell them they’re great, they are in the wrong place. We focus on growth and progression towards mastery.

You don’t have to wait

Katherine talks about some of the hardships that come with being a stay at home mom. While she wouldn’t trade it for the world, she said most of her life she has felt guilty doing things for herself. This is a topic that Matt feels strongly about. Matt’s wife Leeann is an actress and a stay at home mom. Matt preaches that people need to fill their bucket first before they are able to give at the highest level to others. Katherine then talks about how thrilled she is that she is here, and wishes she had done this ten years ago. 


Katherine’s one word to describe the studio is accepting. The reason for this is because of the differences in age in our classes. She opens up about how it was intimidating at first, but on the other side she has learned so much from her classmates. Matt talks about why we bring people of all ages young and old into the adult classes. We don’t see age here, so if someone who is fifteen works hard enough, they should be in the adult class. Katherine talks about the fear she had in the parking lot, looking at all of the other students from outside. From overcoming this fear, she has learned to stop doubting herself. 


How has honesty been a big value to you?

“As I was meeting people, I realized that was what I really admired in others, and it’s how I wanted to be.

What brought you to Dearing?

“I have always had an interest in acting, but I never put together that I could do it. When my daughter told me she was interested, a door opened and we both signed up together!”

How has your everyday life been affected by the classes?

“It has helped me connect with my daughter. I’m now able to appreciate what I am doing for others, and speak to them on stage. It has made me more aware than I was in the past.”

In one word how would you describe our studio?

“In my experience, I would say accepting. I don’t feel out of place, everyone has open arms!”