Just Listen

Just Listen!

Welcome back to another Mornings with Matt Podcast. This episode is revolved around one question, “Do you REALLY Listen?” Active listening is something most of us struggle with, and no one is perfect at it. Listening is something we focus on heavily at the corporate level in our training. This episode gives listeners steps to read the room, listen to what’s going on, and adjust your energy for maximum productivity. Sit back, relax, grab a notebook, and Just Listen!

Read the Room

Asking yourself these five questions before you go into any room will enhance your productivity and reduce the chance of having friction or negative energy. Question number one is, “What is the current energy of the room?” It’s important to start here because if you don’t evaluate where the room is at, you can’t adapt to it. Question number two, “What state of mind am I in?” Self-awareness is critical to a successful life and you can’t listen correctly without it. Question number three is, “What do I want to accomplish when I walk in the room?” Setting an intention before you move into something makes the worlds difference. It allows you to have a strong why that helps you make quick decisions in the moment. Question number four is, “Do I want to be seen?” This question is extremely important because it is your strategy. Last but not least, Question number five, “What is the current situation in the room?” By assessing the situation before walking in, you’ve armed yourself to present solutions instead of problems.