Teen Acting Podcast Episode 3: (The Journey)

Teen Acting Podcast Episode 3

Welcome back to the Dearing Acting Studio Teen Podcast! In this episode we have special student guests, Barbro Checkett and Riley Meyer, with our host Brian Sweeney and producer, Joey Sweeney. Barbro and Riley have two very different stories on how they found Dearing and why they are here, but they both have similar reasons for why they keep coming back!

The Trials are the Story

Barbro’s dream is to be a female sportscaster. Her story is incredible, as she was home bound due to illness for most of middle school. She was outgoing, loved playing soccer, and was deeply involved in her community at school before her life took a sudden left turn. Funny enough Joey had a very similar experience going through the thick of his illness in middle school. She talks about what it was like to be isolated, feeling alone, and left out when she would see her old friends having fun without her. This experience took a toll on her and gave her the strength to do what some see as impossible now of days and get rid of all social media. This is where she found her love for watching sports, and really analyzing the game on a deeper level.

Maturing through the Program

Riley’s nickname at the studio is Smiley Riley. She has been in the program for five years now and has made leaps and bounds of improvement since she started. Her journey here was learning how to become a more mature human being. She was very open to taking about her flaws in the beginning. She was not a happy person when she first started. Once she overcame that, she talks about fighting through social anxiety through our coaching. Five years is a long time, but getting to watch the growth from the dedication to craft is so amazing.