Jada Warner


Jada Warner

18 year old Jada Warner began training at Dearing in 2018. Jada is a dedicated swimmer, athlete and fitness advocate. After recovering from an eating disorder and depression, she found her faith and committed to the pursuit of progression through health and wellness. She found the Dearing Studio through an online search and signed up for her first script class. After being greeted with a hug as soon as she entered the door, she knew she had found a happy place. Since joining the Dearing Acting Studio, Jada has grown into a strong, determined and willing student of life. She puts %100 into every challenge she is met with and is passionate about continually improving her mindset in everything she does.


What was your experience with the Masterclass Scene Study Intensive?

I was really able to pour my heart into my scenes like I wanted to……the biggest thing for me was figuring out that I loved the feeling of truly “being” the character rather than just performing it.

If you could describe Dearing Studio, how would you describe it?

Liberating. I’m able to let go of all the barriers that were not allowing me to be completely myself with out fear of failure or mistakes or judgment from other people.

Do you have any advice for someone who may be curious about Dearing Studio?

You have nothing to lose from trying it. Even if acting isn’t for you, you will grow as a person and get something positive out of it…..you’ll learn something about yourself that you didn’t know before.