Bebe Katsenes


Bebe Katsenes

Bebe Katsenes, like so many actors before her has a story that began at a local acting school in Phoenix, Arizona.  


Phoenix acting coach, Matthew Dearing sits with Bebe Katsenes, who’s taken acting classes at the studio for over 5 years. Bebe had also earned one of the highly sought after acting internships offered at Dearing Acting Studio. In this episode, we unpack her 5 year journey that led Bebe to the college of her dreams.

Topics of discussion include:

As a teen actress, Bebe began her acting career at age 13. During the show, she discusses that through hard work and determination, she was able to move through the teen actors program and into adults. There she thrived in both script and Improvisation before finally moving into the scene study masterclass. Bebe is now on track to graduate with her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. For another Dearing Story about a teen actor we helped get into USC, check out Pro Bow quarterback Kurt Warner’s daughter Jada Warner. While attending college, Bebe returned home during the Corona Virus when USC had to shut their doors. She reached out to the studio and was given a ticket to a free master class to help her stay tuned in and mentally healthy during those rough times. We love when students return to the studio whenever they are visiting to continue their training at Dearing.


What has Dearing Acting Studio taught you?

This acting school has taught me to be a more empathetic person. Matthew Dearing helped me to not make hasty judgements. The Dearing teach us to love everyone and be respectful of where they are at in their own lives.

Describe your work ethic as one of our stand out teen actors.

It’s about falling in love with the work….then looking in a mirror, realizing what you have already done, and discovering ways to build on that work and make it better. It’s about making acting your day job!

In one word, how would you describe your experience with Dearing Acting Studio?

The one word I would use to describe Dearing Studio: FULFILLING. When I’m there I feel artistically fulfilled as a young actress and emotionally fulfilled by being of service to others.