It’s Never Too Late For Skill & Staying Positive




It’s never too late to add new skills to your tool belt! No matter what stage of life you are in, there is always an opportunity for growth, change, and a little facelift for your perspective. What will your changing moment be today? Check out the video above to hang with us on another episode of Mornings with Matt. Today we have a very special virtual guest with us in the virtual studio! Vicki is the Aunt of our Studio Owner, Matthew Dearing and Mom to our production director and director of operations. That’s Joey and Brian Sweeney 😉 It’s a family affair as we invite Vicki Sweeney on as our guest! 




For starters, Vicki has been a part of the Dearing Acting Studio for several years. Vicki has just recently made the jump to take her first improv class at the studio. She began in our in-person studio class at our home base in Phoenix, Arizona. Now, she is apart of our virtual studio as we began to hold classes online in March. Matt – as nephew, friend and mentor has been helping her transition into a more mindful and positive human being. Subsequently, Matt is helping Vicki transition into the best version of herself. He guides her through a new chapter in her life by helping her reset her mindset, attitude and positivity. 

As you may have guessed, Vicki has always had the music bug travel through her family, playing clarinet as a child and introducing theatre to her sons. She was the music director for the Del E Webb Center for performing arts for 18 years. So, she loves the opportunity to teach youth and help them realize their potential as human beings. Fast forward to her current job. Now, Vicki works at Bashas and has been with the company for 41 years! 




1. How can I gain more confidence in my improvisation work?  I have previously directed , taught, and performed on stage but a lot of it was prepared ahead of time. I’m having a hard time translating my creativity on stage. 

2. I have been working on my positivity and have been doing pretty well so far! How do you continue to have a positive mindset when the negativity piles up?

3. I don’t know much about technology, and I feel it holds me back. How can I be better skilled with technology and up my skill level?

4. We learned a lot about camera angles this week. What can these angles do to change a scene?

5. There are many ways to memorize a script or monologue, what is your favorite go-to idea for memorization?





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Joseph Sweeney