Improv is not just Weird

Improv is not just Weird

Welcome back to another episode of the Dearing Acting Studio Improv podcast! Our title is, “Improv is not just weird.”

It’s fitting, as many people look and assume that it’s just playing make believe. On one hand this is true, on the other, learning the skill of improv can take your life next level!

Instructors Brian Sweeney and Matt Dearing host the podcast today with improv podcast regular, Jason Jackson!


Improv is a true Skill

When it comes right down to it, good improv requires a ton of training and diligence. It’s a lifelong pursuit and there is no set end goal besides becoming better than you were yesterday.

Improv is built upon heightened listening and truth. It’s a tool we use frequently in our business training at the studio.

Matt explains that you have to be so truthful with the characters you play that if someone in the audience is going through, or has been through a situation similar to your scene, they see themselves.