How to Slate Better

First impressions are important and in the audition room the actor slate is exactly that. In this video we’re going to discuss the secret to consistently delivering a confident actor slate and how to slightly alter your approach for various roles. For this one let’s head to the studio to see some examples in a real PHX casting environment. There’s no doubt this room can be intimidating. As an actor you have to hit your mark, be aware of the camera, listen to the Casting Director who isn’t always nice, and then give a great performance while pretending there aren’t 6 clients staring and taking notes. Bottom line – auditioning can be tough but having the ability to deliver a confident slate is sometimes all it takes to calm your nerves and set you up for success. Here we go. The secret to giving an amazing actor slate with consistency is thought life. What you choose to put in that mind of yours is what will come out.


Most actors underestimate the power of thoughts and allow themselves to think about things like – their lines, how they look or the money they will make if the audition goes well. These thoughts will bring anxiety that you will try to bottle up which will inevitably make you nervous. Instead I want you to get rid of those thoughts by forcing new ones in.


Focus on gratitude and someone you love. Then simply replace the camera with that person and talk to them while you slate. This type of slate is perfect for most commercials.


What if you’re auditioning for a dramatic role or an evil character? Easy. Same principles apply, just alter your thoughts and the person you are talking to. So instead of focusing on gratitude maybe your character is thinking of revenge and instead of teddy you are thinking of an imaginary person who’s holding teddy hostage.

Ok actor’s you now have the secret to consistently delivering a confident actor slate and know how to adapt the process for any character. Thanks for watching. Follow us on social for more actor tips and personal development content. #Dearingstudio