How Much do Actors get Paid?

You want to know how much an actor makes? The answer all depends on the actor!

You don’t have to be an actor to have an interest in this topic. In fact, many top publications often print headlines like this one “What Is The Largest Single-Movie Actor Payday Of All Time?” and get huge results.

In today’s actor tip:

1. Some actors are paid nothing, others get massive paydays. Why is that?

2. How to Make More Money as an Actor. For more information on strategies check out my book and free downloads.

3. Notes for industry professionals on how much to pay actors.


Actors don’t make money per hour, nor should they. Actors are paid by their skill level. Let’s compare an actor to Picasso.

Somebody asks Picasso to draw them a paining. He then draws a beautiful picture completing the task in 5 minutes. Picasso says the price is $100,000.

“Wait”, the person says, “$100,000? That drawing only took you 5 minutes!” To which Picasso replies, “in actuality my dear friend, the drawing took me a lifetime.”


Young producers often don’t understand how much to pay actors and therefore sometimes shoot themselves in the foot by not investing in this area.

More experienced professionals however are always on the lookout for great actors. Then they cast those actors and pay those actors. This is because they understand that a great actor will both make you money and save you money.

Actors, like Picasso are given a value. The better you are at acting, the more you will get paid.