Greg Renfro


Greg Renfro

Greg Renfro first met studio owner and director Matthew Dearing when they worked on a play together years before. Greg recalls the feeling of joy and pride as he realized his passion was to dive deep into character work and connecting with others around him. At a young age, he idolized his father who recognized a beaming talent within him that Greg knew he needed to discover himself. He has been a student of Dearing off on and on for several years and has fallen in love with the truth that comes with an actor’s process.


What is the reason you continue to return to Dearing Studio?

It was the truth… didn’t just give us the answers. You guided me……and you believed in us.

How has your mindset changed?

This studio has changed my mindset as to look at all things. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just pay attention. At any given moment you should be learning…..learning and studying.