Putting Your Life in “GO” Mode

Putting Life in “GO Mode”

Nick Milotta is here on Mornings with Matt and we are so excited! Nick is an excellent human being who has a unique story and is constantly looking for growth.  He’s on this morning to talk with Matt about putting life back into “GO Mode.” You can check out his awesome testimony here. Matt and Nick discuss the idea of putting your life in constant “go” mode in terms of letting time and distractions slow you down. When we are used to our routines, our lives tend to be non-stop and we adapt to that. When the world hits the pause button, it can be tough to climb out of that feeling of loss, in a way.  Matt and Nick also discuss active ways to plan success paths, staying motivated and raising your floor on your own. This….you don’t want to miss. #LevelUp Tune in with us Live on Youtube every day at 7:00am. To get involved text questions to (480) 485-1211. We appreciate your feedback through comments / likes and be sure to subscribe for more light driven content. Also.. It would mean the world to us if you hit the subscribe button!