Dearing Teen Podcast (EP: 2 Identity & Growth)


Welcome to the second episode of the Dearing Teen Podcast! On this episode, Wyatt and Courtney join us in the studio with Brian and Joey. Wyatt and Courtney are long-time dearing students. They have sky rocketed through our teen acting classes and into our adult Script and Improv classes. Not only do they take classes at Dearing Studio, but they are apart of our crew that interns here too! 


In their discussion, Brian and Joey chat with them about what it means to have an “identity” as a teenager. They talk through how their training at Dearing has helped their communication and trust skills in their personal relationships. Additionally, they speak on what they have overcome as actors (and people!) through training and taking classes. The team dives deep into what it’s like to be a teen in the present 21st century lifestyle and the struggles that come with comparison and social media. 


Courtney shares how her confidence has improved as she heads her chapter of the Swift Youth Foundation at her school. The team transitions into the idea of leadership and how becoming a leader during your teen years can be a difficult feat, but in the best way. Because of this mentality, you’ll be inspired by the way these two young teens navigate through the trenches of teen-hood. Wyatt and Courtney then speak on the realizations they’ve had as they figure out who they want to surround themselves with. At a young age, its difficult to want to be better. What does that even mean when you’re a teenager? The team speaks about focussing your attention on building your army of great people in order to better yourself. 

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Dearing Studio Teen Podcast, like, subscribe, and have a dearing day! :)