Phoenix Castings

What do three Phoenix Castings, Valentines Day and Mickey Mouse have in common? Truthfully, nothing. However, they’re all happening at once over at the Dearing Studio! 

Matt goes to Disneyworld!

In this episode of the Dearing Acting Studio Podcast, we bring listeners through another busy week over at the Dearing Acting Studio. Our Studio Director, Matthew Dearing, was all set and ready to head off on a rare vacation with his adorable family.  That’s right; The whole “Dearing 5” flew to Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Matt’s wife (and co-founder of Dearing Acting Studio) Leeann booked a performance with her comedy partner Michelle for the City Mom Collective Sister Site Conference in Disneyworld, and the whole family came along. 

Phoenix Castings

While Matt was running around in sparkly mouse ears, the team sat down and created a plan of action.  Shea joked that we would probably book 3 castings while Matt was out of town. What happened next was a testament to the power of the words we chose to speak aloud!  PHX Casting, Dearing Studio’s Casting company, worked on two castings and two callbacks all within 5 days. And it was awesome! 

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In this podcast, we re-cap those three amazing castings, along with the exciting challenges that each casting opportunity holds. We review Matt’s trip to Disneyworld with his family. ( Guess how many times Matt went on the new “Rise of the Resistance” ride?) Lastly, the team talks about Valentine’s day! Specifically, they discuss the pressure of being in a gift- heavy culture. Shea brings up some creative alternatives she has come up with to spoil her husband! 

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