Dakota George


Dakota George

Who is this guy?

You can’t help but smile when Dakota walks into the room. His silly, creative energy is what stands out right away. Dakota started in our Script Classes in April of 2019, and hasn’t stopped since then. He’s been a guest on our podcast, a student in our Masterclass, and was just recently brought onto the Chaos Comedy Improv Troupe! Dakota’s journey in Personal Development and Acting at our studio is a special one. In a Dearing Story like no other, full of laughs, jokes… and odd ways to drink the interview water, you’re sure to be giggling all the way through. Matt and Dakota go into depth about the connection that acting has with life and just how closely they work together. One of the most admirable things about Dakota is his big heart. Dakota talks about some of the charity work that he’s done and his why for doing so. Matt then discusses what it means to have a servants heart.

Big Takeaways

When you serve others you end up being lifted up yourself. Dakota and Matt are prime examples of this idea. Dakota’s biggest obstacle coming into Dearing was his work ethic and self accountability. Truthfully everyone has made excuses for not doing their best at some point in their life. This manifests itself in peoples lives for many different reasons. Fear, Laziness, or lack of Confidence tend to be the most common that we’ve seen. The first step to overcoming these problems is to eliminate all excuses. We hit this concept hard with our personal development training. When you take accountability for everything you do, you don’t just go through it, you grow through it. The second step is finding the love! You have to find ways to love yourself in every circumstance of life. Love is the biggest connection between life and acting because without love there are no stakes. That is why it’s so important to us to create that environment for our students every day!


What’s a value that stands out for you?

“A value that stands out for me is continuously being kind to people and giving back. I have a really big heart for people in need and I make it a point to give back as much as I possibly can while also staying above the payments that I have to make for myself.”

What brought you to Dearing Acting Studio?

“A whim. I was researching how to get an agent and found that acting classes was one of the biggest criteria’s for getting in, so I put out a google search and found this place!”

How has your everyday life been impacted by the studio?

“Honestly it’s helped me so much. I’ve begun to hold myself more accountable for the things that I work on, and I’ve started to put my 100% into the things I’m doing instead of just saying, eh I worked on it.”

In one word how would you describe the studio?

“Love. I say this because you guys are such a loving community and group of people, and there’s so much love here for everyone.”