Creating Consistent Content

Welcome back to the Mornings With Matt Podcast. Today, we have high school basketball coach, actor and aspiring influencer Tyler Weeks on the show!

This episode is focused on actors and online creatives who are struggling on their journey of creating consistent content. Matt and Tyler dive into how to formulate successful habits and unbreakable commitments. As you may know from past episodes, the core of every great success is an extremely powerful “WHY”.

Contribute Creatively

Challenge time! Social Media has become tricky. As it usually happens, you go on Facebook, Instagram, etc to post and update and two hours later you find yourself in a mindless scroll. Am I right? That being said, Matt and Tyler discuss ways to set a positive and influential presence on social media without falling into the time-sucking trap. Matt gives Tyler a challenge to find positive ways he can give to his community through an online presence in both a stable and constant fashion.

Let go and Fail

Towards the end of the episode, Matt asks Tyler what kind of content viewers can look forward to on his TikTok page. Tyler explains that he’s been spending time researching and figuring out his plan when Matt brings up a great point. Stop trying to make it “right” or “on-trend”. Just let go, put it out there and be consistent. We’ve all heard the saying “consistency is key”. It’s time to start listening to it.

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Thanks for listening!